Songbirds Kids: About

SBF has worked with area educators and other organizations to establish a robust curriculum that promotes music literacy, ties in STEM initiatives, utilizes hands-on and project-based learning, and increases overall academic achievement. This curriculum will do more than simply provide music lessons; it will provide students with a deep understanding of music and the music business as a whole—providing classes on music business, graphic design, recording, and other related areas. The following are a few priorities for this cohesive music program:

  • Creating academic engagement: SBF plans to provide students with a high-level music education that stimulates creativity and the desire and ability to think on their own.
  • To serve the Chattanooga Area by providing youth with a deep understanding of music, music diversity, and cultural heritage.

Guitar Lessons:

The Songbirds Foundation is in the process of launching our Kids Music Program. SBF will offer guitar lessons to at-risk youth. We plan to employ instructors in all relevant styles and genres. Beginning classes will focus on guitar basics and provide students with the fundamentals by exposing them to a wide variety of playing styles and techniques. As students grow with the program they will be able to focus on music theory and specific genres and styles. Music theory classes will focus on scales, music notation, ear training, harmony, and basic arranging. These classes are geared towards helping participants understand, analyze, and listen in an informed manner. SBF plans to expand this program in the future to teach other instruments, such as bass, piano, and drums.

Music Business Classes:

The Songbirds Foundation Kids Music Program will do more than simply teach guitar, it will provide students with a deep understanding of music and the music business as a whole—offering classes on concert promotion, careers in music, live sound, graphic design, recording, and other related areas. These project-based learning experiences will incorporate STEM initiatives and help students become more self-actualized. The Songbirds Foundation will also integrate local, regional, and national artists into this program. Students will be able to perform, collaborate, and record with these artists.

Outreach Performances:

Performing Bands will be formed as students reach higher levels of the program. At first these bands will need to be augmented with professional local musicians to fill gaps in the lineup.  These bands will perform in the local and regional community to promote music education, musical diversity, and other Songbirds Foundation programs.