The Vault Sessions


Music brings people together—providing a communal bridge, linking unlike minds, and forging relationships. Music is one of the most transformative forms of communication— transcending barriers and creating common ground. It has the ability to bind us together as well as strengthen us as individuals. No matter how different or distant a culture, one can always gather an understanding of that culture through their music. The scratchy 1927 blues masterpiece “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground” by Blind Willie Johnson was placed aboard NASA’s Voyager 1 to represent our nation to the universe and beyond. That forlorn, lonesome guitar fronted by one of the greatest blues voices of all time was considered to be not just an exceptional representation of that style of music but of our entire culture. Music molds and shapes our lives and perspectives and changes us into better, stronger, and more tolerant people.

The Vault Sessions, a 26-episode online video series, has been created to further encapsulate these values and this philosophy—to change, to build, to move, to educate, and to empower. The Vault Sessions strives to be the vehicle of change that will help viewers understand the complexities and importance of music and music education in our society.

The Vault Sessions series will feature cool one-of-a-kind guitars and other rare instruments coupled with national performing artists, folklorists, musical historians, writers, instrument manufactures, and other industry notables. This program documents intimate conversations, guitar lore, educational discussions, compelling performances, and in-depth folklore.


This program is recorded and filmed live at Songbirds Guitar Museum, the Songbirds Guitar Loft, offsite at music events, music venues across the area, and other suitable locations throughout Chattanooga. This program has been designed to highlight Chattanooga’s overall music economy by featuring cool venues, Chattanooga landmarks, and other unique traits of our beautiful city.

This video series is also available through the Songbirds Foundation’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel.